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Posts tagged as “GST Software”

GST Impact – Renewable Energy Sector.

Abhishek Jain 0

It’s a Good day for Renewable sector. Last night the GST rates have been declared on all the products, equipment's and machineries required in producing Renewable Energy. As against the Industry Expectation of 12%-18% slab government has come up with 5% slab. This is a very strategic decision in order to promote the renewable sectors.

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Need of Accounting Software in India

Yaman 0

Accounting Software has been there in the modern market since last 5 decades. While India’s tryst with accounting goes back more than 2000 years. Kautilya’s Arthshastra is a book that covers accounting principles and standards, role and responsibilities of accountants and auditors. It also defines the methodology of fraud risk management and the role of

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