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GST – Opening new gates of Indian Economy

Nidhi 0

The content of the Constitutional Reform Bill on GST has covered the way for introducing GST in India. The need for GST is felt because under the current indirect tax structure  Tax barriers have fragmented the Indian market,  Sequential effects of taxes on cost have made local manufacture less attractive,  Complex multiple taxes have raised cost of

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GST Impact – Renewable Energy Sector.

Abhishek Jain 0

It’s a Good day for Renewable sector. Last night the GST rates have been declared on all the products, equipment's and machineries required in producing Renewable Energy. As against the Industry Expectation of 12%-18% slab government has come up with 5% slab. This is a very strategic decision in order to promote the renewable sectors.

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GST – Tax Structure and After Effects

Nishant Chauhan 0

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is to be implemented from 1st July. This will not lead to any significant increase in prices of goods although marginal hike can be observed in the cost of some services.The constitutional amendment gives time till September 15 for the introduction of GST but the target date has been

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